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Managing millions of dollars in media placement in major media markets takes skill, organization and planning

To handle the tremendous responsibility of the marketing budgets of numerous state associations and small businesses, we have developed a team managed by a seasoned media planner. Led by Pete Lucas, who spent 15 years as an account executive for major broadcast television stations and as a broadcast journalist, JH Communications’ media placement division utilizes its vast inside experience with the media to negotiate the best rates and schedules for its clients.

By analyzing the latest Nielson and Arbitron ratings, we plan schedules not only based on gross rating points but on carefully selected and targeted programming. The right ratings, combined with optimal reach and frequency, are essential to all campaigns, but JH Communications is able to over deliver for our clients when utilizing its inside knowledge of station programming. Pre-booking media at the end of the fourth quarter to receive bonus spots in NFL football playoffs and “pre-kick” spots in the Super Bowl; picking spots in 60 Minutes on CBS after Patriots games; placing clients in the live broadcast of the Bristol Fourth of July parade on ABC since it matches the rating of top-rated news spots; or buying select NFL playoff games on cable television throughout New England – all are examples of how we look beyond simple numbers to tailor the programming for our clients.

Targeting educated consumers who watch the local newscasts to stay informed about current events, sports and weather has been a hallmark of our media placement strategy.

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