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Building websites takes experience, expertise and a planned approach

Developing or redesigning a website can be overwhelming, which is why we take a planned approach by working with our clients to carefully develop their company’s pages.

Our effective project management plan clearly defines which pages and features will be developed within each phase. Developing your website this way provides ample opportunity for feedback, ensuring that we have a clear understanding of your expectations.

By working to take a smart look at what is needed now and what is needed down the road, we can better help clients control their cost, their satisfaction, and most importantly, their return on investment.



Search Engine Optimization

Designing a dynamic website is only one aspect of building an effective Internet presence. Once a website is built, it needs to be found by past and potential visitors. To ensure that a client’s website is found, we implement search engine optimization best practices. This includes proper page encoding utilizing META tags with META keywords and descriptions. It also involves creating unique, accurate title tags and unique keywords and descriptions for each page on a website. In addition, we set up Google Analytics for each website, placing code on every page, which enables us to track how people are coming to websites and where they are spending the most time.


Social Media & Blogging

We advise our clients to engage in proactive social media, primarily with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. In addition to the central benefits of reaching new visitors, social media and blogging are instrumental to the search engine optimization of a website. We also incorporate blogs into new websites, and write content based on what we believe visitors will be searching for about our clients’ products and services.


Email Marketing

The importance of any marketing piece is to disseminate important information to defined audiences. Regular communications through email marketing also serves as an excellent retention tool to keep visitors informed, since specialized information is sent immediately when it becomes available. We develop multiple e-blasts per month, distributing them through an electronic communications platform, incorporating professional, customized layouts to promote our client’s message.

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